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DESIGN :: Day 4 highlights at #Milan #Salone

Finally the sun arrives, replacing a week of drizzle that periodically morphed into torrential downpours, & everyone happily moving through the city - so lunch in the vine draped courtyard at Rossana Orlandi became the perfect option!!

Two years ago we first posted on the ceramic art-meets-design collections by EMANUELA CROTTI - then story-telling through inlay buttons, coins, roses, plastic animals, butterflies, Barbie Dolls & more – constructing table tops, dressers + dishes with animals, aeroplanes, hearts, guns & more….

This year her work was on-trend in Flouro (highlight markers & Ray Bans quite hilarious yet beautiful), animals, nail polish & of course this season’s ‘must have’ emblem - skulls!!

Revisiting Rubelli, across the hall, in the entry level of the former tie factory - the ribboned-taxidermy birds are morbidly sophisticated, many had been sold since our first visit on Monday.

Birds, like Flouro colours & Skulls - are everywhere.

Rosanna again came for a quick chat - her tongue firmly in cheek, there is nothing that escapes her attention, as she draws on yet another cigarette & fondles her porcelain chain necklace. The current favourite she confessed.

Note to self - a trip to RO is inevitably expensive - this year two lights, a ceramic beetle & one of Croti’s plates are now added to the excess baggage allowance. There really should be a therapy for those addicted to collecting the art-design pieces……

With the sunshine too delicious to ignore, meandering through La Brera district lead us to a wonderous discovery - the magic of a Paola Navone installation, aptly entitled THE SECRET GARDEN - a private garden rarely seen by the public, with her lighting & chandeliers secreted in over-scale, woven cane pods, each painted in her signature cobalt blue. The installation was the second presentation of the memorable showing for Italian Murano glass brand Borovier & Toso - & whilst the pieces were seen two years ago at SuperStudio  in Tortona, the collection i so amazing it is worth seeing in the new setting.
After the gardens it was a quick trip back to the centre to Baccarat, where the French crystal house exhibited traditional designs that are now several hundred years old, alongside whimsical & humours contemporary collections by Jaime Hayan, Patricia Urquiola & Philippe Starck. The journey also enabling the mandatory reviewing of this seasons shoes - (along with the occasional bag) - mixing business with pleasure in the most enjoyable way!!
Returning to the new TOM DIXON driven destination - MOST - a very welcome addition to what has become a flailing Tortona region in past two or so years - the expanse of the Science Museum becomes apparent - with balconies, courtyards & cavernous reception rooms swathed in frescoes housing installations of those invited to exhibit in the collective.
Highlights - aside from Dixon’s collection & the Studio TOOGOOD experience we blogged on Monday, were American brand BLU DOT (& launching in Australin next month), the New Zealand collective Resident,  the great orange furniture by Luca Nichetto, cute cardboard lights, & the DROR-designed luggage (bullet proof vest material!!) for TUMI.
Irrespective of how often one visits MOST - the creation of Dixon’s chair holds ongoing fascination. The process involves an advanced type of 3D printing - the image of the chair pattern beamed to the pressing machine, the aluminium then pressed / stamped, laid flat, & finally, folded. Witnessing the industrial process first hand is made all the more spectacular as it is located in a depot filled with steam trains & carriages!

IMAGES // Anne-Maree Sargeant

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DESIGN :: @LeeBroom debut at #Salone #Milan

With the European factories clearly struggling in the aftermath of the financial crisis, Design Week 2012 is a sombre affair. With pared back installations, & big brands shunning the cost of hosting a party (until now, considered essential for customer bonding!), overall, we are finding mostly safe (conservative) product releases to be the dominant approach. In an unprecedented move, some factories are offering discounts to their dealers of alarming proportions - an extreme move attempting to generate business, & pretty concerning when one considers the long term implications of this discounting strategy.

So amid the doom & gloom (it has also rained most of the week) the recreated public house by Lee Brrom  shines like a beam of light - brightening, what for the most part, is considered a ‘slow year’. The execution of his installation is considered by most to be the standout presentation of the entire Salone del Mobile.

Broom’s debut appearance in Milan, at Ventura Lambrate is co-located with Spaniard  Jaime Hayon, a public house (pub) housing a showcase of his furniture & lighting collections, along with the launch of the new Crystal Lights. With astonishing attention to detail - Broom purchased the interior of an old English pub, & shipped the heavy timber panelling, mirrors, even the bar, reworking the pieces as the backdrop for his presentation.

In a collaboration with Ballantines, Broom was commissioned to interpret the ritual of Scotch Whiskey - his result a 2 piece crystal glass set, topped with the decanter element - a barman readliy on hand to demonstrate to willing visitors.

Consistantly clever with his branding, Lee produced a newspaper that tells not only the story of his work, but also the history of the pub, & an expanded explanation of the Ballantine collaboration. Thumbs up for humour - the paper features the cheeky inclusion of ‘what a lovely pair’ …. of course …. on page 3 - referring to the Crystal Lights.

In what many agree to be the strongest debut in recent years, Broom’s work is now rapidly gaining the recognition it deserves. //  EARLIER POST HERE ……  // & HERE 





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DESIGN :: #Salone del Mobile Day 1 - Rho Fiera #Milan

During Design Week in Milan ‘spot the super-designer’ replaces’ spot the supermodel’ -  and as the global community assembles in one city, a design celebration unlike no other has begun. From the outset, entry to the official Rho Fiera exhibition ground is the first challenge to conquer - for those not pre-registered queues at the ticket booth topped a 1.5 hour wait time, & there is NOTHING ‘rapido’ about the express entry program.

Whether wandering the halls of the fair, or the streets in Milan, familiar faces, here, are known by just one name - Jaime, Marcel, Yves, Dror, Karim, Philippe, Lissoni, Sebastian, Tom, Rossana, Newson, Konstantin, Tokojin  - have already said hello, & the festival has only just belong.

Few are known formally - such as Jean Nouvel, who patiently talked to us about his One Central Park project in Sydney, yet curiously, when we saw him later, had nothing to say. Stone silent in fact!

Kartell held a more sombre display of safe commercial sellers, although the brand continues to push materiality, collaborating with the big names in design to evolve new manufacturing techniques in plastic. Often the original sketches are more inspiring than the end result. Then there are delights - such as when big brands dip into their archive - Kartell this year re-releasing the 1964 classic by Joe Colombo. More on Kartell & how they shut down central Milan later ……..let’s just say Kartell Rocks!!!

Dominant trends still feature Fluoro, or Neon / Dayglo as its referred to here, Colour Blocking, Cross Stitch, Knitting, Felt & Blue can be found though most sectors of the fair.

Missoni Home remains a constant highlight - taking knit to new levels with digital print knit upholstery, a jumbo knit carpet, & their new outdoor collection that was developed for Missoni Hotels in the Middle East.

There are a few contenders for the ‘nicest guy in design’ monicker - Tokujin, undoubtedly is up there at the top. So calm, so relaxed, so supremely talented. And embarking on yet another project for Issey Miyake.

Half way during Day 1 exhaustion sets in - time to bond with Pratone  at Gufram -  the brand formed by a renegade group of artists, famously ‘anti-design’ who held a single sell-out show at MoMA in the 1970’s before permanently disbanding. Gufram, recently liberated from being under the umbrella of the Poltrona Frau Group, held their own in the main design halls. Pratone remains radical for being the first plastic product to be finished in automotive paint.  Many techniques in Italian design were the result of the automotive industry exploring how they can enter the home furnishings market.

The ‘Sofa of Salone’ - so far - is by Front at Morosso.  Carpets are also strong this year - interior stylist & author Sibella Court, pours over a book on Spanish artist Chillida -  a selection of his famous paintings now released by Nani Marquina, classic, contemporary and beautiful. Other carpet highlights include Paola Navone’s signature blue, with prints and stripes in a superbly styled installation nearby.

Vitra are renown for host one of the best art directed presentations at Rho Fiera, fusing classic designs with contemporary pieces, always accessorised with imagination. In tough financial times, factories are renown for launching the ‘same product / new finish’ - the Hella Jongerius  designed Polder Sofa a n example of this working well - refreshing to see textures and pattern melded , great counter balance to all the colour blocking seen elsewhere at the fairgrounds.

The experiences are so varied - here Sibella is listening to plants grow. As media - remaining sombre in such circumstances is, well let’s say, essential, but not easy ….. yes we really were listening to plant grow - go figure?!!

After trekking for miles through the main design halls, ones arms grow longer by the hour, laden with catalogues, press kits and samples, the weighty press bags swiftly stem all desire to add several pairs of  new shoes to the excess baggage collection. Well almost anyway….

At the end of a successful first day, one is ready for collapse.

Then the reality of the impending evenings events dawn ….. one can always sleep next week we suppose!!

IMAGES // Anne-Maree Sargeant

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DESIGN :: #Salone del Mobile #Milan press day

Each year the scope of Salone del Mobile in Milan expands, making it not only the largest contemporary lifestyle fair on the planet, but now, the event is so large it’s impossible to cover the entire program. Even scratching the surface is no mean feat!!

Highlights from the Press Preview Day included - Established & Sons, who this year, in a radical departure from the first 7 years of the young brand’s existence, opted to co-exihit with iconic Italian ceramic brand Bizazza in Zona Tortona.

Standouts of the installation were undoubtedly the extension of the WRONG WOODS collection, the collaboration between the artist RICHARD WOODS & Established&Sons Creative Director Sebastian Wrong.   Sebastian explained to us the move to join Bisazza, whilst at first, to him, co-exhibiting with the Italian tile monolith seemed incongruous given the brand’s ‘indy’ style, self-driven trajectory from zero to hero in international design stakes - makes sound commercial sense - opening up the collections to the enormous, and established (no pun!) Bisazza customer base. Smart Move.

Bisazza launched new ceramic bath ware by Jaime Hayon  & Marcel Wanders - both designers present yesterday - along with more of their ‘furniture’ (above) also designed by Wanders.

The newest destination on the design block is the Tom Dixon-driven collective MOST.  Housed in the National Museum of Science & Technology.  The most apparent trend, or in fashionista-speak - the ‘new black’ in design  is clearly the ‘experience’, & MOST delivers ‘experience’ in spades!!

With a plethora of brand installations pickled among the Museum’s permanent exhibits, visitors move past World War 2 fighter jets, a hall full of stream trains, & a cavernous space filled with a variety of full scale sea craft - the word ‘experience’ comes to life in the most literal sense. One must be there to comprehend the installations, as MOST doesn’t fare well in the re-telling, a photograph or video. Like Dixon himself - the location is industrial to the core.

On entry, moving past Cartier's new watch installation, visitors venture through Dixon's own strong collection of furniture & lighting, the visit topped by the excellent accessory brand extension Tom Dixon ECLECTIC - Dixon’s object and accessory line than launched in Paris at Maison Objet. Outstanding. Jack Light or Brogue shoe paper weights, & Factory money box the clear highlights - the products ready for sale in September during London Design Festival, are not expensive & the materiality consistently industrial per the Dixon design ethos.

Brit stylist come Creative Director Faye Toogood of Studio Toogood presented an actual ‘experience’ for skincare brand NIVEA. Visitors must pre-book a seat for the 20 minute performance that runs every hour. A darkened, tented, space-within-a-spacee houses 20 or so chairs (designed by Toogood), & androgynous, bandaged performers theatrically present gusets with a small treat, then a tray with doe, & ultimately the inevitable NIVEA infused hand towel to clean up. On the stage the performers mold doe into objects and the audience become part of the installation - the culmination of the ‘experience’ being the objects molded by the viewers being collected and added to the central platform or stage. Once seen, the ‘experience’ is not easily forgotten - a clever move by NIVEA, successfully entering the design arena by partnering with Toogood.

Final stop of the day was Spazio Rossana Orlandi -  yet to officially open to visitors - every small space was throbbing with installers, removalists, & exhibiting designers scrambling to complete their displays - and whilst the opportunity to catch the ‘next breaking designer’ seems almost too good to miss - reconnecting with Rossana herself is as entertaining as it is enlightening! Cheeky to the core, she shuns photographers who tardily ask to take her picture (poking her tongue out & laughint ‘I am terrible, bad luck’!), & yet generously pauses to share her own highlights to more seasoned enquirers. But more on this later.

Standout clearly was global-forecaster Li Edelkoort's curated installation with Rubelli - the ribboned- taxidermy birds, Maartin Baas burnt chairs upholstered in Rubelli, & an an ORIGINAL Gio Ponti armchair

So as now we enter the official day one - enjoy some of our highlights from yesterday!!

IMAGES // Anne-Maree Sargeant

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DESIGN :: The WANDERS Collection

Italian tile supremos Bisazza lauched a new brand Bisazza Bagno ealier this year, with a collection of bathroom furnishings designed by Spaniard Jaime Hayon. This week the collection unveiled collections and patterns by Tord Boontje,Carlo Dal Bianco, Patricia Urquiola, Edward Van Vliet and Marcel Wanders - here is a preview of The Wanders Collection. designed by Marcel Wanders, /

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