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BLOG LOVE :: Maddie On Things

Don’t panic - no canines became hotdogs during the making of ‘Maddie on Things,’ one of our favourite blogs floating around the webernet!

Artist-blogger Theron Humphrey embarked on an 11 month road trip across 48 States of the USA, with his trusty dog-as-muse Maddie in tow. The journey recently came to an end in Idaho, but their entertaining journey has been documented with Maddie gaining a massive online audience via the blog.

I know if I took my dog on a road trip she’d be more interested in feasting on road kill than cooperating in daily photo shoots; yet Humphey managed to get his dog to straddle everything from bicycle handlebars to mailboxes to shopping trolleys.

The refreshingly tongue-in-check artist statement on his blog page, simply: “a super serious project about dogs and physics”  belies a connection with the academic mode of photography known as typologies. Clever and funny and, just maybe, a dog whisperer.

Check out the full series at

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